30 December 2015

The Merchant of Clouds

GAM - Torino, Studio 65

We are pleased to communicate that Sacea has produced the installation for the exhibition "The Merchant of Clouds" dedicated to Studio 65, the famous Italian collective of architects and designers who created projects of architecture and interior worldwide.
Sacea has created the outfits, reproduced some of the furnishings and managed the production of the graphic elements for the exhibition. Everything was made under the direction of the curator Maria Cristina Didero and the architect Franco Audrito, owner of the Studio 65, who signed the set up.
The exhibition can be visited at GAM - Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Turin - until February 28, then it will become a traveling exhibition that will be revived and set up again in the Arab Countries. Some of the items of furniture reproduced for the exhibition will be reproduced and sold by Sacea.

Alcuni degli elementi d’arredo riprodotti in occasione della mostra saranno rieditati e commercializzati da Sacea. 



Photo credits: Stefano Ferroni



50 anni di Studio65 - Living, Corriere della Sera - link

Alla GAM di Torino 50 anni di Studio65 - Elle Decor - link

23 July 2015

Summer closing

Our offices will be closed from 10th to 21st August.

We'll be back on 24th August.

Have a nice holidays!

20 July 2015

New wall systems collection

Single glass, double glass, partition and equipped walls

The Sacea’s wall systems satisfy all the needs for the design of a well-organized and, at the same time, flexible and comfortable environment.

The M25 single glass partition defines an absolutely elegant and contemporary proposal to separate spaces with dynamism.

The double-wall glass D49, with only 10 mm thickness, is designed to be minimal, but, in particular, to join a concept of brightness and soundproofing of the working environment to high levels technical-qualitative.

The C100, thanks to its modularity, working on size and finishes, ensures a wide range of possibilities. The partition wall gives maxiumum comfort and divides the space without fragmenting it. The equipped wall organizes the space as a real storage element.

The entire line guarantees the minimization of noise in the common spaces and provide privacy in the workplaces.

Download the catalog in the product’s section or clicking on this link




19 May 2015

Welcome, Ottone

Sacea introduces the new desk home/office

Sacea is pleased to introduce its last product: a new home/office desk  designed by Gaspar Gonzalez Viana a young and brilliant spanish designer .

Inspired by the early desks Sacea, produced in the '60s, Ottone is perfect as a desk in the studio and at home, to organize a workplace, but also as a dressing table.

Consisting of modules easily combinable and with different finishes, which can be combined to create an ideal furniture for every type of environment.

A large round drilled metal plate screen, in addition to make Ottone unmistakable, it allows a good soundproofing, while privacy is guaranteed by the angular perforated metal screen.



Download the brochure to discover models and finishes available

For more informations, you may write an e mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


20 April 2015

Thanks to have been recharged

Third edition of SRZ - Fuorisalone 2015

Thanks for lived with us the most intense international design week in our SACEA RECHARGING ZONE!




6 March 2015

Sacea in "an extraordinary suite4all"

Exhibition of tourism and universal hospitality

Sacea, as a technical partner,  joins the work "an extraordinary suite4all" for Move! the new exhibition of tourism and universal hospitality which will take place in Vicenza from 13th to 15th March.

The installation, Village for All - V4A®, created by architect Simone Micheli with Roberto Vitali, shows how it is possible to create a suite with bathroom with an usual features, and able to meet the different needs that each user may have.

A deep change in content and vocabulary that upsets the concept usually used to project hotel rooms dedicated to disabled people.

Accurate ergonomic studies define carefully the relationship between the user and the environment by ensuring that spaces for people with disabilities can become both ideal places for everyone.



2 March 2015

Temporary shop & Retail Design

New cooperation between Sacea and POLIdesign

This year also, from 2nd to 27th March, Sacea will be one of the technical sponsors of Temporary Shop & Retail Design Course by POLI.design.

After some frontal lectures , the students will work on a project work in a temporary shop in Milan which will allow them to practice concretely the learnt creative and designing skills.





16 December 2014

Happy Holidays



We are closed from December 24th 2014  to January 6th   2015.

Merry Christmas by Sacea


10 November 2014

Quality and environmental respect are our guarantee

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 reconfirmed

Sacea goes on with great result  towards the maintenance of high quality standards, confirming the Quality Certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and Environmental Management System 14001:.
The recognition occurred after a careful control of all business processes. 
It  is an important result which shows the attention and total commitment to our products and services we offer to the customer. And that allows us to renew our purpose to continuous improvement.




23 October 2014

New Technical Catalogue

Click and download our technical catalogue with new images and product's details.

Download: Technical Catalogue

1 August 2014

Summer Holidays

Our offices will be closed from 11th to 24th August.

We'll be back on 25th August.

Have a nice holidays!

21 May 2014

Sacea App v2.0

3D models and Augmented Reality catalogue

Sacea App v2.0 is the most important tool of the new platform "Sacea Virtual Reality" which also includes a Virtual Reality Simulator and an online 3D Viewer. All tools are designed and developed to provide a service to the designer: make it easier and more impressive the "realistic presentation" of the project.

Click on the picture below to discover Sacea App and its functions



16 April 2014

Thanks to everyone

Milano Design Week 2014

Thanks to all architects, designers, our sponsors, friends, professionals, journalists and all those for coming to "recharge" in via Solferino 17.

Take a look at this video. Click here 

See you!




28 March 2014

Italian Luxury Design

A network of companies dedicated to consulting and Made in Italy

Sacea, together with other companies, joins the Italian Luxury Design project which has, as its purpose, the creation of exclusive locations for whom, in the context of design and luxury, is looking for prestigious creations.

The team is a single highly qualified interlocutor in the branch of international interior design projects and other sectors such as hospitality, restaurants, showrooms.

During the Salone del Mobile, from 8th to 13th of April, the space will be open at the PNR design studio in Piazza Cavour 2.

Vernissage: 10th of April from 7pm to 10 pm



21 March 2014

Brera Design District - Sacea Recharging Zone

Where do you recharge this year?

From 8th to 13th of April, For the second time, Sacea takes part to the Milan Design Week, in the Brera Design District, with an installation in the courtyard of the Milan Architects Order place.

The concept is the same that, last year, had a great success: the Sacea Recharging Zone. It’s an area of ​​"recharging" and relax set up with Sacea’s products (used in an unconventional way) and open to whom, during the most beautiful but difficult around Milan, stacks up the miles between installations, showrooms and events in the city.

The Sacea Recharging Zone is divided into two areas: one with electrified tables to connect and recharge the electronic devices (phones, tablets and PC) and ten iPad with internet connection to navigate and use the new technological platform of the company: the Sacea Virtual Reality. The second one is a relax zone where you can sit on a lounge inflatable sofa 13 meters long.

All area is Wi-Fi free and will be offered free water (thanks to Norda), tea, juice and fresh fruit: apples and oranges (thanks to Orto e Gusto) and an Arome Equilibrant Oxygenant (thanks to Delarom Paris).

For your sign up, you receives an "survival kit" to better pass the "hardest” and beautiful Milan Design Week.

The event is in collaboration with 3MSponsor: Aviatel, Incisioni Milano

Sacea is also in P.zza Cavour 2, in PNR design showroom, with an exhibition space dedicated to consulting luxury contract.



18 March 2014

Creativity Factory

23 designers are in a temporary shop window

The course of Temporary Retail Design, powered by POLI.DESIGN, and for which Sacea Group is one of the technical sponsor, exhibits 23 designers at work. After classes, let's go to practice:  from March 17th to 28th, all the actors of the world of temporary retail (operators, designers and companies) meet each other's in the Temporary shop in C.so Garibaldi 51/a, in Milan. 

Sacea furnishes the meeting tables, the inflatable screen Bablò and a magnetic board. Everyone is from Land3 collection which is born to create a young, fresh and exciting layout.


5 March 2014

Designing with virtual reality

Temporary retail design-POLI.design

Sacea Group presented, for the first time, the new virtual reality project during the "Temporary retail design - Designing the temporary spaces" a course organized by Poli.design.

During a lesson of the course, that is for  investigating the new dynamics of design, trends and communication of temporary shop, pop-up store and "shop in shop", it explained to the participants the new way to design, developed by Sacea, and that uses augmented reality, virtual, and a 3D viewer.

In the products section of the site sacea.com, it’s now available a preview of the interactive 3D viewer. Augmented and virtual reality will be presented during the Fuorisalone 2014.


5 March 2014

The new SACEA.COM is now on line

a new way to design

From the New Brand Identity Sacea Group restyling, it’s now on line the new born in the virtual area: SACEA.COM

After saceagroup.com, the second online virtual product can be considered as the heart of our web project. If saceagroup.com, published last October, is the institutional website and odesignitaly.com  will be a kind of  "slideshow" projects in retail and brand design, SACEA.COM collects in its pages, the history of the Company and the new virtual tools that are offered to the Customer.

Looking at the products’ section, you will find the interactive 3D, which allows you to visualize the element to 360 degrees and to change the finishings or move some parts of it.






29 January 2014

Office furniture: flexible or custom made?

Officelayout n.155

What is the new challenge for the manufactorers: to structure product lines, which thanks to their flexibility are able to adapt into different application contexts, or be structured with an organization capable of developing customized solutions according to the customer’s needs?

Marco Tirinnanzi takes part in the discussion together with some representatives of other Italian manufactoring companies.



You can read here the ARTICLE






28 January 2014

New year, new catalogue!

Products&Products 2014

The new Sacea Group catalogue was created to express, in a single volume, who we are and what we are doing.

It’s divided into sections telling you the Group’s purpose and its core values, who Sacea and ‘O Design are with their products and their best projects.

Now we are a Group and this fact enabled us to fine tune our specialization in custom made furnishings and to break away from more limited market of office furniture.
With a bit of irony, in this book, we enjoyed playing with our products, shooting them in intentionally provocative contexts: an office partition that becomes a dressing room, a meeting table used for an elegant luncheon of times gone by, and so on ...

The ten photos were taken using the technique of Light Painting . "Drawing with light" is a photographic technique that allows you to "paint" the subject using a light source with skill, just as if it were a brush, and then to control the effects in a more " passionate" manner. "The passion for ..." is also the line that connects the various environments and in which everyone will find, at least, a starting point in which to recognize themselves.


We invite you to leaf through and discover it. DOWNLOAD HERE


7 January 2014

Architecture, people and city: photo shoots in London city

Marco Tirinnanzi awarded at Kurio

During the year, Colebrook Bosson Saunders, in London, organizes some Kurio’s edition: some different events from each other but connected by the word "curiosity", as the curiosity that the various artistic activities can arise.

MarcoTirinnanzi took part in the workshop "Urban Digital Photography", during which the technical and artistic skills of the participants were tested in photographing, during the night, between Borough Market and Borough High Street, three categories of subjects: people, architecture and energy of the city. One of his photographs has been choosen as the best of the photo lab.

The session was led by professional photographer Gareth Gardner.

Here the shot chosen as the best of the workshop:


13 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Sacea Group wishes you all a Happy New Year

The 2013 has been full of changes and news for us, we hope that 2014 will be the same: a new year in which your and our projects will become true.

Merry Christmas by Sacea Group.

We are closed from 21th December 2013 to 1st January 2014.



For more information about the products in the Christmas picture, please click on Brick lounge seat or Bablò screen partition.

1 October 2013

New web site is online

Communicating the change

The new web site representing the interface on the Internet of our Group is now available online. It has been designed within the context of a general reorganization of the whole communication strategy that now is no longer just Sacea's but has also expanded to 'O Design, and aims to convey the core values of the whole Group.

The saceagroup.com project goal is to communicate both in its content and technology a renewal that is affecting the company since the last year. We want introduce to the marketplace a new Sacea that represents the changes and efforts geared by everybody for the strategic repositioning of a business that does not deal only with office furniture, but offers 360 degrees solutions.

1 July 2013

Sacea furnishes the new headquarters of an important Insurance Company

Open space and energy efficiency

Sacea created – from design to manufacturing - the furniture for the new headquarters of an important Insurance Company in Milan, that has moved into a new building, opposite the high speed railway station Porta Garibaldi. The building origins from the renovation of a property of the 1970s, designed by architect André Straja. Located in the center of the new district Porta Nuova - soon to be renamed the "City of Milan", for the high presence in the area of banking and employees of the financial world – it counts nine floors and is a candidate obtaining the LEED NC Italy 2009 Silver level, qualifying for energy efficiency aspects, choice of materials, management of the project site, innovation and environmental quality. The facade is completely environment-friendly, made of recycled and recyclable materials. The circular pattern shapes the building, shaping the upper levels into a dome that houses the hall of the board of directors and a terrace facing on a stunning view of the city.

The interior design, by architect Christian Cutrona (Revalue studio), was cured in every detail to offer maximum acoustic and visual comfort to the workplace. The space was thought to start a real cultural change within the insurance company, whose goals are to stimulate entrepreneurship and cooperation in a national and international context, and to drive the workers to supply the team with their strengths and skills.
Photos by Beppe Raso

17 June 2013

The SRZ at the Festival of the Lilies

The Sacea Recharging Zone arrived in the town of Nola, where the seat of 'O Design was established

The relaxation area will be open to the participants in the Buraco Tournament which will take place on June 19th in the beautiful Piazza Duomo in Nola.

The tournament is one of the many events that take place in the days of the renowned parade of the Gigli (“Lilies”) - elaborated architectural works that take shape thanks to the imagination of the local craftsmen and are covered with decorations made of papier-mâché - which is held every year on the occasion of the patron saint day.

The Festival of the Lilies, together with three other feasts (the Varia of Palmi, Candlesticks of Sassari and the machine of Santa Rosa in Viterbo), is competing in the section "large machines carried on shoulders" to become a part of the UNESCO World Heritage. In fact, by November 2013 the commission should rule on announcing the new Intangible Heritage of Humanity

5 June 2013

The I.N.I. project

Italian Network for Investment

Willing to support the development of business networks in the Serbian market, Sacea joined the INI - Italian Network for Investment – project, a group of five companies, each specializing in a specific business field, that are moving in order to approach some rapidly growing international markets, offering them new products and participating in real investments for the increase of new business centres.

The link between these companies is made of the sharing of a common goal that can be expressed in the definition of ‘industrial handicraft’.

The synergies within the network allow the end user to take advantage of a varied amount of Partners in different sectors and to verify professionalism and experience.

The downloadable catalogue presents integrated solutions to fulfil any kind of order, from the most complex to individual needs, in order to satisfy the customer.

Download the I.N.I. catalogue

More informations on www.eiadvice.com

27 May 2013

Il Denaro talks about Sacea

The Group’s CEO interviewed by the Italian business newspaper

On Tuesday, May 21st, Il Denaro, magazine of Il Sole 24 Ore (the most important business newspaper of Italy) published an article dedicated to Sacea and 'O Design.

The CEO of both companies, Giorgio Marchi, explains the new corporate philosophy and how the industrial group is actively responding to the crisis.

19 April 2013

Sacea App

Presentation of the official app

app store badge          google play badge coming soon


The Fuorisalone also represented for us the best event for presenting the first official mobile App of Sacea.

You can download it for free and have fun walking through a virtual 3D path that draws our installation in the courtyard of the seat of the Association of Architects of Milan.

An additional opportunity for those who could not visit our space and are curious to get in touch with what we have done...

In addition, in the "Zone" you will find a preview of what will be the future Sacea collections catalogue.


screenshot1 screenshot2
screenshot3 screenshot4 screenshot5
15 April 2013

FuoriSalone 2013 - Brera Design District



Via Solferino 19




Thanks for visiting us.
Stay tuned!

Click HERE for the photogallery.

Click HERE for our party's video.


12 March 2013

Milano Design Week - FuoriSalone 2013

Sacea Recharging Zone


                                                            In collaboration with:                                                          powered by:

Where do you recharge this year?


head office of the Association of Architects in the Province of Milan, in via Solferino 17

from Tuesday 9 April to Sunday 14 April from 10.00am to 8.00pm

Sacea Recharging Party

Friday 12 April, from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm



Download the PRESS KIT

7 January 2013

Sacea and Fidi Alta Italia

Arrangement for the members

Sacea and Fidi Alta Italia signed an agreement on the operating lease of furniture. All members of Fidi Alta Italia will be able to enjoy such benefits, by communicating their registration number.

For more informations: Financial Services


7 December 2012

Furniture tailors

The definition for Sacea on the Italian magazine Stil'è

Stil'è, magazine of the Italian business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, published an article about the Sacea Group and its plans for the future.

To read the full article, click here.

27 September 2012

Virtual tour of the La Stampa's new Headquarter

Explore the new office!

A virtual experience for visiting the new Headquarter.

Click on the image below

26 July 2012

Marco Tirinnanzi attending to a CDO event

Interview to one of the two owners of Sacea

Marco Tirinnanzi interviewed at the Expandere with Matching Insubria event