As in 1946, today the brand values ​​Sacea are based on the excellence of the production processes, the use of new technologies, the continuous innovation and the constant search for new challenges. 

The Group was founded and defined by the constant goal to seek and expand the supply and business opportunities. The reorganization is aimed at achieving optimum operation throughout the country and internationally, an operativity capable of providing quick responses with targeted interventions.

Who We Are

What We Do

With a flexible and dynamic industrial platform, which relies on the experience of more than sixty years of history and relying on a strict control of a production made ​​entirely inside, Sacea Group addresses the challenges of an increasingly open market and dynamic as GENERATOR OF SOLUTIONS FOR THE FURNITURE. 

With control of this unit operating-production, the Group has equipped itself with a production platform flexible, agile and dynamic in the service of an industrial project that goes against the prevailing production model of outsourcing. An industrial project original and courageous focused on innovation, tradition and Italian style.

Our Target


Improving the quality of spaces and environments through the design, production and implementation of furniture solutions.


  • Since 1946 Sacea, as well as today Sacea Group, is working to engineering, manufacture and sale of furniture items.
  • Innovation, tradition and know-how are at the service of the client and designer to deliver furniture design solutions that best meet the demands and complexity of a project.
  • The guarantee of an inside production, design and quality, are the stylistic elements of the tailor made products or sold in the catalog.
  • The Italian style is expressed through a strong rootedness on the territory that has always linked the Group's activities with those of its social and cultural surrounding. In the North as in the South of the peninsula.