Custom Made Projects

The high professionality of its workers allows to Sacea Group a tailoring type production which, combining industrial excellence to craft flexibility, can satisfy any custom made request.

Contract Retail

Thanks to its ability in offering high customization and, at the same time, the guarantee of an industrial standard production, Sacea Group, over the years, has got specialization in creating format dedicated to retail. They are now more of hundred shops of goods or services, fitted out for large chain stores and small retail outlets.

Office & Corporate

Sacea S.p.A. has been projecting, engineering and producing workplace furniture and items for more than 60 years. This wide experience makes the office furniture seen as an icon recognition of Sacea’s brand in the design world.

Fitting Out

Sacea Group was born with the aim to face the more various situations maintaining constantly a response in line with the demands of market increasingly specialized. This means to go on with the idea that it is no longer possible to sell simply products, but it should be able to offer solutions to make fitting out, as a prove of an elective service attitude.

Home & Hotel

The experience achieved during the years by the Group companies has led to the specialization in the interiors of private and collective spaces like: houses, hotels and accommodation facilities. In this way Sacea Group combines in a single professionalism all the requests of who need to decorate, with comfort and personality, the space where living every day.

Our Services

Operative Rental

Do you want to change your office or your shop but you don't feel yourselves ready to meet the expenses to buy new furniture? Don't forget to Design and Quality "Made in Italy". Take advantage from our service: Operative Rental!


Custom satisfaction is got following directly, and meticulously, all the phases of different processes, using highly qualified workers. We start from solving problem of the projecting phase, then we pass to industrial execution, to construction site management, to come then to the product installation and the after-sale services. This is for us a "turnkey" product.

After Sale

Sacea Group was established to provide design and quality products, enhancing it with the ability to supply before, during and after sale, quality Services. As a matter of fact, today, the Customer Service accompanies the whole process and it ensures the success of satisfaction of various stakeholders (designer, buyer, user).